16 producers rejected ‘June’ because it was a girl’s story: Director Ahammed to TNM

Ahammed Khabeer’s first film June is about the life of an ordinary girl who does the most ordinary things in life. Played by Rajisha Vijayan, June is not one of those inspiring stories of a woman who fights for justice or has a lofty dream. The camera pretty much follows her around as she goes to school, then college and then work, falling in and out of love, hiding secrets and sharing things with her family. Most people who’ve watched the film would be surprised to know that it was written by three men – Ahammed, Libin Varghese and Jeevan Baby Mathew – considering how accurate it is about girlhood and growing up. Ask Ahammed how they managed this, and he laughs. “We had great relationships, girlfriends, and lots of close friends who are girls. Read more here >>>

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