3 Unexpected Ways Starting a Blog Can Improve Your Life After 60



I would argue that the opposite is true. Your 60s and 70s are actually the perfect time to start blogging. In this interview, my guest, Perley-Ann and I will share some of the positive benefits that blogging has brought to our lives. Then, we’ll give some quick tips on how to get started.

My guest today is Perley-Ann Friedman. Perley-Ann recently retired abroad, in Koh Lanta, Thailand. In addition to being an avid yoga practitioner, she is also a talented writer and prolific blogger. Let’s talk about how blogging can change your life after 60. For Perley-Ann, writing is more than a job – it is her passion. The extra money is nice, but, more important is the impact that she feels she can make through her writing. Blogging is a way to amplify and give meaning to the important things in her life. You can read more of Perley-Ann’s work on her website.

Read more here: http://sixtyandme.com/3-unexpected-ways-starting-a-blog-can-improve-your-life-after-60/


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