5 Fake Foods And Food Scams You Need To Avoid

“It’s clear that seafood fraud isn’t just a fluke – it’s rampant across New York,” said State Attorney General Barbara Underwood in the wake of a recent shocking investigation. “Supermarkets are the last line of defense before a phony fish ends up as family dinner, and they have a duty to do more. Yet our report makes clear that New Yorkers may too often be the victim of mislabeling.” Seven years ago, here at Forbes I wrote about why most Kobe beef sold in the US isn’t Kobe beef at all, but rather a huge rip-off of expense account diners, and why paying top dollar for so-called “wagyu” can also be a scam. That story remains extremely popular, has been read over 1.7 million times, and spawned a few updates. The most recent one is here. More recently I wrote an entire book on the subject of food scams, including less rarefied and more everyday foods, from cheese and coffee to fish, seafood and champagne. Read more here >>>

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