5 popular dog breeds you should think twice about, according to a vet

See what shows are coming up next, and the latest Fall 2019 coverage “People love them for their laid-back personality and ridiculous wrinkles, but be prepared to spend hours on skin care. Their skin folds and feet need to be cleaned daily, and they are very prone to allergies and recurrent skin infections. Due to their short, bow-legged limbs they are also susceptible to arthritis and other orthopedic disorders.” “Another bulldog breed that’s impossible to hate with their permanent smiles. Like their cousin the English Bulldog, it is very common for them to have skin issues and chronic allergy problems. They also can have severe breathing issues that can require a visit to their puppy plastic surgeon to help them breathe easier. Another reason they may have to see a veterinary surgeon is an injury to their spine caused by a prolapsed disc or malformed vertebrae.” “There is no wonder why these are the dogs protecting our country and also tucking our human babies into bed at night—they’re intelligent and caring. Unfortunately, though, they are susceptible to many orthopedic problems including hip and elbow dysplasia which can lead to early onset of arthritis. Read more here >>>

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