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MyBoomerNation.com was made for you. 

Created by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers to give us the solutions, information, community and support we all need to lead simpler, richer and happier lives in spite of the unique and rising challenges we Boomers face.

Each day our dedicated team of Boomers scour hundreds of trusted resources and review thousands of posts and articles to bring you the most inspirational, most uplifting, most trusted, and most useful information. 

This is no easy task.

MyBoomerNation delivers more valuable articles, stories and solutions in a month than the top 100 leading Baby Boomer Blogs  combined!

You could search online for endless hours and still not find a fraction of the informative, entertaining and important News for Boomers at MyBoomerNation and in our Silver Linings Digest newsletter personally delivered to your email inbox several times per week.

We Are Boomers, Too!

Boomer Buddies Dot & Jeff Smith

Boomer Buddies Dot & Jeff Smith

Boomer Buddies Sherri & Steve Rosenbaum

Meet our founders Jeff Smith and Steve Rosenbaum and their wives Dot & Sherri.

We are all Baby Boomers, just like you!

Like you, Jeff and Steve found themselves on the receiving end of “Ageism” at their jobs and became “Corporate Castoffs”.

Like you, Dot and Sherri both spend a lot of their time caring for their elderly parents, driving them to appointments, and dealing with the maddening labyrinth of doctors, hospitals and medical information.

Like you, we are all members of the “Sandwich Generation” providing care for our elderly parents while still helping out and supporting our children.

Like you, we all face new circumstances and new challenges each and every day unique to Baby Boomers.

Like you, we are all concerned about retirement and living the "Golden Years" with zest.

We want to travel. We want have adventure. We want to be able to afford the finer things in life without worry about running out of money

One day, Jeff said “You know, we really ought to help everyone see the Silver Linings in their world… present news and stories that are inspirational and motivational so we can find things to be thankful for…everyone can find their fill (and more) of negative things in their life...let’s find the positive things...”

The idea of marrying interesting, helpful and truthful news and information together with a “positive perspective” is a very powerful one.

We can all find news and stories about death...destruction...negativity… everywhere…. everyday...all day.

But imagine if we had a daily source of news, solutions and information with a “Silver Lining” perspective.

We imagined it...and so the “Silver Linings Digest” for the MyBoomerNation tribe was born

Silver Linings Digest

Good News for Baby Boomers - MyBoomerNation.com

Get Inspired each and every day with interesting, helpful and truthful news, especially created for Baby Boomers and written with a "positive perspective".

Inspiring Articles & Trusted Solutions for Baby Boomers

“There’s no instruction manual for what we face,” says Steve. My wife, Sherri and I were spending hours every single day looking for solutions. We had to read ten articles in order to decipher what was real and what was useful. Most of it was just garbage that took a lot of time to go through.

Unfortunately, we discovered that most of the “Page One” information was junk because it was written by “Non-Boomers” or even by artificial intelligence robots that knew how to outrank the real experts, but knew nothing about Boomers' real life needs.

That’s when we realized that the most reliable information, written by people with actual knowledge and experience, was buried deeper than Google would even show us.”

" The most reliable information was buried deeper than Google would even show us."

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Business Opportunities for Baby Boomers

One of the biggest issues on every Baby Boomer's mind is making extra money. We've all heard the stats, more than 75% of us will not be able to retire. Too many folks our age are busting their backs working long hours when they should be enjoying their Golden Years.

Fortunately, we do have one thing on our side. There has never been a better time to start a new business and create consistent monthly income. The advent of online commerce has created a literal worldwide marketplace, and technology now allows us to produce digital products for next to nothing.

We realize that many of these opportunities might be new to you. That's why each month, we will provide all new members with a free Business Planner ($47 value) and an Educational Course ($67 value) of their choosing.

Starting the very moment you join MyBoomerNation, you instantly get unlimited access to thousands of solutions covering hundreds of topics that Boomers need help with most.

Plus, you even begin receiving Silver Linings Digest which many members say is their favorite way to begin each day because the digest sifts through thousands of articles published at MyBoomerNation to personally deliver you the best, most uplifting articles and has a positive impact on their day.

"MyBoomerNation makes life Simpler, Richer & Happier for Baby Boomers!."

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Get Answers You're Looking For In Minutes, Not Days

We Boomers face so many issues which need solutions every day.

You could try to do your own research but you know how frustrating it is to find real information from trusted resources with actual experience. It’s easy to lose track of time and spend two, three, four hours or more on just one topic, and come away frustrated because you didn’t really learn anything you didn’t already know, or worse you fell for empty “Click Bait” that offered lots of “sizzle” but no “steak”.

It’s so maddening, isn’t it?

Instead, just imagine having access to an overflowing treasure trove of real Baby Boomer answers and solutions.  All of it carefully selected and researched by other Baby Boomers that are experiencing many of the same issues as you and sharing their most trusted solutions and resources so you get all the benefit without having to work so hard and waste so much time and effort.

Now, also imagine that instead of spending hours and hours researching a single topic, you can quickly enjoy dozens of fascinating and informative posts while eating lunch, or walking on the treadmill and devouring your new edition of Silver Linings Digest which saves you even more time because it features the "Best of the Best".

We’re not talking about the same boring stuff you see everywhere else, either.

MyBoomerNation is packed with inspiring stories that will energize and invigorate you. Fun stories that will have you laughing and sharing with your new Boomer Buddies.  Heartwarming stories that will bring joy to your heart. Nostalgic photos and posts that will remind you of cherished moments that you had long since forgotten.


Yet, remarkably, you can join MyBoomerNation now for pennies a day!

Here's What You Get When You Join MyBoomerNation TODAY!

Baby Boomer Facts and News for Seniors

News for Boomers

MyBoomerNation.com features thousands of inspiring stories, and valuable solutions to make your life simpler, richer and happier.

News for Boomers is also your ticket to recurring passive income (we'll show you how inside)!

Meet the Experts

Attend live virtual events and connect with our trusted "Panel of Experts" comprised of actual authors and professionals that provide proven solutions to the issues that matter most.

Good News for Baby Boomers - MyBoomerNation.com

Silver Linings Digest

Start your day with a handpicked selection of the "Best of the Best" inspiring stories, uplifting articles and valuable solutions MyBoomerNation has to offer.

Monthly Planner

Each month we will send you a code to unlock a new Business Planner valued at a minimum of $47.

Educational Courses

Each month we will send you a code to unlock a new Educational course valued at a minimum of $67.

Baby Boomer Facebook Group

Facebook Community

Get access to our thriving Facebook group where you can meet and socialize with even more Boomers. Plus, get invited to exclusive "Facebook Live" virtual meetings and expert interviews!

Here's How MyBoomerNation Makes Your Life Simpler, Richer & Happier

MyBoomerNation leverages technology to evaluate millions of articles, social signals and human interactions, which are scrutinized by living, breathing Baby Boomers to provide you with the most truthful and reliable information and solutions that matter most to you right now.

Having this incredible treasure trove of information available to you 24/7/365 saves you hours, even days, of endless web surfing. In fact,  it's not humanly possible to do this on your own.

But we don't stop there...

In addition, we make it even easier for you by delivering Silver Linings Digest via email several times per week.

Here's just a small sampling of the valuable solutions recently featured in Silver Linings Digest:

  • How you can still live the retirement of your dreams even if your short on cash, suffering from health issues, or challenged by the daily requirements of caring for your loved ones.
  • How more Boomers are finding “Purpose & Paycheck” in the “New Retirement”.
  • How you can achieve financial freedom in just 7 steps with the “Sit Back and Retire Plan.
  • How to delight your family and amaze your friends with delicious and healthy recipes that also promote wellness and longevity.
  • Cutting Edge health information that keeps you at the fit and feeling good so you can help yourself, your family and your loved ones.
  • How to create monthly passive scalable income so that you can live the retirement lifestyle of your dreams, even as medical, insurance, living costs and taxes skyrocket around you.
  • Fun and exciting trips for every type of traveler. Whether you take road trips by RV, or travel internationally or want to take a fun-filled cruise, you’ll find great ideas and deals in Silver Linings Digest.
  • Healthy Living beauty and fashion tips that celebrate Boomer status and keep you looking your best.
  • How us “Sandwich Generation” members can better withstand the rigors and challenges of caring for our elderly parents while providing financial and other assistance for our children at the same time.
  • The problem of “Ageism” at work and what to do about it.
  • Inspiring case studies of people that have had to reinvent themselves after long careers and have found “Second Act Success” in their “Encore Career”.
  • How to take better care of your pets and prolong their lives.
  • Stories and tips to celebrate and help our Veterans that have sacrificed in service to our country.
  • Four places overseas where you can buy an affordable second home whether you choose to live on a luxurious beach or in a hidden mountain retreat.
  • 3 Benefits of starting your own business after 50 and examples of people that have found huge success by monetizing their passions and experience.
  • Discussions about how current social trends and policies specifically affect the lives of Baby Boomers like you and me.

Just Minutes from Now, You Could Be Accessing Thousands of Solutions and Meeting Boomer Buddies Around the World!

The truth of the matter is you don't have to tackle all the challenging tasks Boomers face alone.

It's our mission at MyBoomerNation to help you lead a Simpler, Richer & Happier life beginning today!

Whether you're looking for new ways to make passive monthly income, healthy advice for yourself or a loved one, or just want to meet some new friends to share stories and laughs, you'll find all that and more inside of MyBoomerNation.

Click below to activate your membership today and you will also begin immediately receiving Silver Linings Digest.

We look forward to meeting you on the inside!


Dot, Jeff, Sherri, Steve and All Your New Boomer Buddies!

P.S. Finding the solutions you need to help your loved ones... Making more money each and every month by simply sharing your favorite funny videos, and interesting articles... Spending less time researching so you can have more time with your loved ones instead...

These are all reasons why we created MyBoomerNation to make your life, as well as your family & friends, simpler, richer and happier.

Join us today and introduce yourself to all your new Boomer Buddies. We're excited to have you join us and can't wait to meet you!

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