An R.D. Shares 4 Genius Tips For Making Healthy Eating WAY Less Expensive & Accessible For Everyone

As a registered dietitian, I'm bombarded with messaging about healthy eating everywhere I turn. Between #fitspo social media posts and magazine articles about the next best diet, it seems impossible to get away from an image of healthy living that consists solely of kale, kombucha, and perfectly Instagrammable quinoa bowls. Now, don't get me wrong—I'm a fan of those things. But, for many of my clients, these items are expensive and inaccessible. And, most importantly, these images make healthy eating appear as if it's for only the privileged few—when, in reality, healthy eating can be achieved on any budget with a wide variety of foods. I've included some ways below that I make healthy eating inclusive for clients of all backgrounds and budgets: Whether it's churros, pupusas, or glazed doughnuts, any culture has its share of foods that are absolutely deliciousbut may not be the ideal source of vitamins and minerals for our bodies. Read more here >>>

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