As temperatures drop, county and protective services wary of self-neglect among seniors – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

After 11 years investigating abuse and neglect of Allegheny County’s older adults, Jennifer Togneri is no longer surprised when she finds an elderly person living without a reliable heat source — even in dead of winter. After all, self-neglect is one of the most common types of cases she and others work on — far more common, for example, than physical abuse of a senior who can’t defend herself. “You’d be surprised how many people live without utilities,” said Ms. Togneri, protective service supervisor for Eastern Area Adult Services, a county-contracted agency.  “It’s not just no heat, but no water, no electricity, no nothing. Some [other] people find that hard to believe,” she said, but noted that such individuals are almost always mentally competent. Read more here >>>

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