At 72, a teacher’s quest to never retire finds her best student in a 11-year-old girl with stunted growth

British Pam Stewart and 11-year-old student with stunted growth bond like a house on fire And this teacher-student duo sure know how to waltz their way around with an unmistakable chemistry, quite unprecedented, considering one is 72 years old and the other is just 11. Today, it is heartening to see how the two are inseparable, spending at least seven hours a day together. On holidays too they do fun things like creative art and more. Life was running in parallel directions for the two until they finally met two years ago. Take a look at this heartening story of a Brit teacher who found her best mate and student in this cute 11 year-old-girl with stunted growth and physical challenges. Pam Stewart said she has never quite understood what the word ‘retirement’ means. Read more here >>>

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