BBB releases Top 10 scams of 2018

Romance scams topped the 2018 list, followed by income tax extortion scams, otherwise known as the CRA scam. Romance scams topped the Better Business Bureau’s national list of top 10 scams in 2018. While it used to be that seniors and new immigrants were the main targets of fraud, experts say with social media it is now everyone, including Millennials and Generation Z. Danielle Primrose, president of the BBB serving B.C. and Yukon, says there were more than 50,000 fraud reports across North America on the BBB’s scam tracker in 2018. Of those, around 2,000 were in Canada and more than 300 were in B.C. At a news conference in Vancouver Friday, she said people of all ages are looking for love, and the number of these types of scams has increased dramatically. Read more here >>>

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