Best countries for US citizens to retire

Panama is the number one choice for people wishing to retire overseas while the Dominican Republic, Italy’s Abruzzo, and Cuenca, Ecuador also offer real estate properties at ‘bargain’ prices. A lot of Americans have chosen to spend their retirement days overseas. The preference continues to spill over the next generations of retirees, especially now that the dollar remains consistently stronger than most of the other currencies. This means that the nest eggs that retirees have kept from their years of hard work can give them much more comfortable lives in other countries compared to staying in the United States. For those who are retiring for 2019, you may want to check out the top countries ranked separately by the International Living, and Live and Invest Overseas — two publications that release yearly research on retiring options. International Living has ranked 25 countries while Live and Invest Overseas ranked 21 regions for the 2019 best place to retire overseas. Read more here >>>

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