Bon Voyage, ‘Green Route’ gives seniors new mobility

The bus filled up quick at the first stop as seniors looked forward to cruising around the city on a warm sunny winter day. A second bus followed the maiden voyage, to meet the demand and ensured that no senior was left out. Arthur C. Green/The Record The City of Fort Saskatchewan cares about all of its residents and this was clear with the beginning of a valuable service. A new route (584 Green Route) began on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, which will make travel around the Fort a lot easier for its senior residents. Anthony Dionigi is the transit supervisor with The City of Fort Saskatchewan. Dionigi greeted seniors as they entered the bus for their first trip on Route 584. Arthur C. Green/The Record The very first pickup happened at Dr. Turner Lodge as a warm bus driven by Rutul was chalked with smiling faces who now get a new lease on life thanks to the City of Fort Saskatchewan. Read more here >>>

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