‘Captain Marvel’ Tops $200M Domestic And $600M Worldwide (Box Office)

Captain Marvel topped the box office for the second Friday of its domestic run, earning $19 million and bringing its domestic cume up to $215m in just eight days. That's a 69% drop from its $61.9m opening day (including Thursday previews). Bawdy jokes aside, that's an exceptionally boring drop, neither a super-strong hold nor a catastrophic fall. It's exactly in line with most big-scale comic book movies and big-scale fantasy actioners these days, such as The Hunger Games (-71%), Rogue One (-65%), Logan (-70%), Venom (-69%), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (-70%) and Avengers: Infinity War (-70%). The likely $70m second weekend will be the second-biggest second-weekend in March, behind Beauty and the Beast's $90m second-weekend-gross in 2017 following a record $174m debut weekend. Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of forbes.com


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