Chinese Boy Spends Grandpa’s $6,000 Retirement Money Tipping Female Livestreamers

A Chinese grandfather was shocked to discover that his 11-year-old grandson spent his entire retirement savings on tips for livestreamers. Identified only by his surname Li, the pensioner from Sichuan found that 40,000 yuan ($5,965) disappeared from his bank account after trying to withdraw his money at a bank in Dujiangyan on January 28. Li then checked his bank transactions records and discovered that almost all of his money had been paid to live-streaming app iQiyi in the span of three days. According to Huaxi City Daily via MailOnline, only 600 yuan ($90) was left in his account. Upon questioning by his grandad, the boy, nicknamed Xiaowei, confessed that he used the money to give tips and buy virtual presents for his favorite female live-streamers on the app. Xiaowei also admitted using the money to play video games. Read more here >>>

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