Cinque Terre Could Fine You Up to $2,824 If You Try to Hike in Flip-flops

It’s no secret that Italy’s Cinque Terre coastline is one of the most celebrated and trafficked tourism destinations on Earth. However, authorities will now not only be restricting how many people can visit, but they will also be restricting what kind of shoes visitors can wear. For those of you not in the know, Cinque Terre is a collection of five coastal towns in the Italian region of Liguria, situated between Genova and Livorno, joined together by gorgeous seaside hiking trails. The popular hillside trails were named a UNESCO site in 1997 and designated a national park in 1999. The number of visitors to the community has already been restricted to ensure the landscape is protected, but now, officials are taking it one step further by imposing strict fines on anyone hiking the area in flip-flops, pumps, or other sandals. Yes, your choice in footwear during your Italian vacation really could cost you. According to The Telegraphthis link opens in a new tab, local mountain rescue units are “fed up” with having to rescue tourists who hiked up the rugged terrain only to find themselves trapped thanks to their footwear. Read more here >>>

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