Dolly Parton’s ‘Red Shoes’ Lyrics Tell a Inspiring Story

Dolly Parton performed a new song called “Red Shoes” at the 2019 Grammys and provided the feel-good moment of the night. The inspiring new song from the Dumplin' movie soundtrack tells of how children need something as simple as a new pair of red shoes to leave them feeling confident in life. Parton's lyrics for “Red Shoes” tell a story — perhaps her story — of traveling across the country, but always feeling at home if she had her red shoes on. The generous story was delivered with a soaring vocal performance from the country legend. It was the highlight of a multi-song tribute to her at the Grammys. Dolly Parton's “Red Shoes” Lyrics:  I remember as a child / I was absolutely wild / About some red shoes that my Aunt Lucille wore / She would let me stomp around / In those high heels up and down / ‘Round the house / And 'round the wrap around porch. Read more here >>>

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