Enabling Life Experiences Through Career Change

How we can experience life as much as we can without “the career” getting in the way

I’ve enjoyed many interesting conversations since I started this podcast in June 2017. Through interviews with gracious guests, I’ve learned of different inciting incidents for a career change and as many varied perspectives on fears, risks, and challenges. One of the most memorable conversations I’ve had the privilege of having is with Tim DeBellis — aeronautics engineer turned management consultant in the Healthcare Industry, turned coffee-shop-owner and operator, turned Real Estate professional. His view on life experiences and careers is definitely one of the most refreshing ones I’ve heard. Instead of his career becoming a pair of handcuffs that chains him to one path, Tim uses career shifts to go with the flow, try out things, and experience different aspects of life. My conversation with Tim originally aired back in July 2017 in Episode 11. Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of secondbreaks.com


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