Five Critical Questions For Leadership Success And Life Happiness

Magnifying glass is looking at the red human figure between the words life and work on the scales. choice between life and work. paying attention to the life values, promotion at work, overtimeGetty For over two decades, I’ve been coaching senior and mid-career executives.  I either meet them 1:1 or in my seminars, and typically ask them to describe the challenges they are facing as employees, leaders, or in life in general.  Some are unhappy with their bosses or colleagues, some don’t like their job content, while others report relationship problems in their personal life. They seek advice on either how to fix the problematic person(s) in their life, or on how to find a new job or personal relationship(s) in which such problems will not exist.  They describe their challenges in vivid detail, often painting themselves as victims of gross injustice, and hope that I can help them in one of the two ways mentioned. However, it turns out that in most cases, it is not the job or the people in their lives that are the problem.  Even if they are, the answer lies not in fixing “them.”  Rather, it lies in fixing and re-working one’s inner engineering.  Specifically, I’ve learned that if one finds honest answers to the following five question, one can drive and control one’s own leadership success and overall happiness much better: Interestingly, I’ve also learned that the answers to all five of them are based on one single key. Real success and happiness stems from knowing what your values are; and developing a values-based purpose in life.  Even if the purpose is not achieved, the very pursuit of a worthy purpose, along with living the right values, becomes a source of happiness. Read more here >>>

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