Four ways to spring clean your plate this season

Proud Partner of the NCN Network If cooking isn’t your thing or time is hard to come by, Dawn Jackson Blatner — a registered dietitian nutritionist — is here to share tips on how to spring clean your plate and instantly make healthier choices in your diet. To help give your body a clean slate, these four quick-and-easy steps can kick-start your healthier body this spring and beyond: Sipping on green juice floods tons of powerful nutrients into your body. However, most of us don’t have expensive juicers or enough time in the day to make fresh green juice every morning. But the “Frozen Green Juice Bags” hack is a fast and less-expensive way to enjoy the beverage. Add these three ingredients into a single quart-sized bag and then store it in your freezer: When you want to enjoy a quick green juice, just blend the bagged contents with a cup of water for 15 seconds, creating a delicious, refreshing and sippable drink. Healthy eating isn’t just about what we eat during meals — we also have to factor in all the snacking we do. Read more here >>>

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