Gardening: Six ways to not kill your plants if you’re a millennial who can’t keep anything alive

Different types of houseplants Pic: PA Millennials get a lot of stick in the media – if you're to trust the headlines, this particular group of people have ruined everything from real estate agents to mayonnaise and cereal. The majority of this negative press is arguably unwarranted, but there is one thing a lot of people aged 23-38 can agree on: It's really quite hard to keep your houseplants alive. Maybe they didn't have the same gardening education as their parents or grandparents, or maybe it's because they're increasingly living in smaller homes and in cities where plants aren't always as likely to thrive. Whatever the reasons might be, there's a whole group of people out there struggling with the seemingly simple task of not killing their plants. There are a whole host of benefits to having an indoor shrubbery – plants can help create a feeling of happiness and wellbeing, not to mention how they improve the air quality. With these positives in mind, we asked horticulturist Jamie Butterworth for some easy tips millennials can follow to help their plants survive. Read more here >>>

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