Great Ideas for Your Brand’s Social Media Content

Social media is a hungry little animal. It’s caused a whole new type of anxiety. It's a little like a modern day Tamagotchi - you need to feed it regularly or it will “die.” If you neglect to be active on social media, the attention you seek for your business will dwindle until you revive it. People will start to forget. When I work with clients, the usual complaint I hear is, “I don’t have anything interesting to say.” This is especially true if you run a non-creative, celebrity or product-led business, and you don’t have lots of pretty pictures to help you make your channel interesting. The list below will show you that even the most tedious and “boring” businesses have a whole host of things they can do and share to show how interesting work life actually is.  Maybe nothing happened this week, but if you had a brainstorming session you could probably pull out some highlights from the past. Read more here >>>

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