Happy Anniversary to the Telephone: A Device Used More Today for Apps & Texts than for Talking

One of the most popular memes recently, with nearly 800,000 views on YouTube alone, involved two teens being given four minutes to figure out how to call a number on a rotary phone.

Yes, they were stumped. And admit it, you encountered this video on social media and took some satisfaction in the fact that there was at least one piece of technology on this planet that you understood better than a teenager.

March 7 marks 143 years since Alexander Graham Bell received his patent for the telephone, and I have my own previous-century version of those teenagers’ experience.

In the late ‘70s, I was driving from my then-home in Thunder Bay to start the fall term at Ryerson, and somewhere between Schreiber and Terrace Bay, my car’s transmission ceased to function.

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thumbnail courtesy of everythingzoomer.com


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