‘How I quit my job and ended up earning £100,000 a year investing’

However, we are working 30 minutes more a week than a decade ago. On top of this we are putting in more than 17 unpaid hours a week, according to Maxis Global Benefits, a network of insurers, as “presenteeism” is on the rise. A new counterculture of office misfits has had enough. They are turning their backs on promising careers, ditching their jobs and instead turning to global stock markets to earn a living. The ones who have done the best have inadvertently carved out a following among fellow DIY investors, who replicate their portfolios. Not only do these investing influencers make money through their own market forays, they receive commission for sharing their wisdom with other investors too – and it can be very lucrative. Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of telegraph.co.uk


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