How this AI-driven fintech startup is helping people make smarter investment decisions and reach their financial goals

Bengaluru-based online financial advisory Capital Quotient focuses on a planning-first approach; at present, it largely caters to customers looking to pay back their loans by making smarter investment choices. A common saying goes that advice you pay for is always dearer than what you get for free, especially when it comes to money. Former Citibank employee Sousthav Chakrabarty piloted his advisory model in the wealth space way back in 2007. The non-technology proprietorship had its own challenges, but Sousthav laboured on. The breakthrough came in 2016, when he backed the idea of a personal finance advisory platform by technology, and Capital Quotient came to being. Co-founded by Gautam Reddy, Anil Bhat and Ajay Prasad, Capital Quotient’s core proposition is advisory. Read more here >>>

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