How to say ‘no’ more often — and be more productive in the long run

Saying “yes” to everything is simply a “no” for Tyler Kleeberger, founder of the mindfulness blog Becoming Human. “We have a limited amount of time, a limited amount of energy,” Kleeberger tells NBC News BETTER. “We have to then decide which things we are going to commit to, and understand that there will be certain things that we won’t be able to commit to as a result.” Many of us are raised with the belief that we must accomplish many things to be successful, he says, which has created a culture where we feel pressure to do everything — often to our own detriment. “[We] have to try and go as hard as we can all of the time so that we can get all of these different things done,” he says. Here’s how to say “yes” to the right things and “no” to everything else, according to Kleeberger. When you’re busy, you’re juggling multiple things at once, explains Kleeberger — throwing family, work and hobbies from one hand to the next. Read more here >>>

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