How Your Cardio Endurance Can Cut Your Heart Attack Risk in Half

Poor cardio fitness can up your risk, even if you’re healthy in other ways. Here’s one more reason to keep challenging yourself on your rides: People with lower levels of cardio fitness are more likely to have a heart attack within the decade or so—even if they are in good health otherwise, new research published in the European Heart Journal found. In the study, researchers tested the fitness of a group of over 4,500 people. They classified them by peak oxygen uptake, or the highest amount of oxygen your body can use during intense exercise. They determined that by how long each participant was able to walk or run to exhaustion on a treadmill that increased by speed or incline each minute. They split the group into quartiles based on their fitness levels by age and sex, and then determined their cardiovascular risk, based on an algorithm involving factors like age, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and smoking status, study author Bjarne Nes, Ph.D., of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology told Bicycling. Read more here >>>

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