Increasing human lifespan could turn people into walking zombies, warns expert

Increasing human lifespan risks turning huge numbers of people into walking zombies because experts are not close to solving the problem of dementia and brain cell loss, a leading scientist has warned. Labs across the world are trying to tackle the causes of ageing, and have recently made important breakthroughs in understanding why cells grow old and die, and how to stop the process. Likewise improvements in treating diseases like cancer, and advances in vaccination and nutrition, mean populations are living longer than ever. The oldest person to have ever lived, Jeanne Calment, died at the age of 122, and scientists now think that 120 is around the maximum age humans could live to, unless they embarked on a hugely restrictive diet which could push the window to 180. But Mauro Giacca, Professor in Cardiovascular Sciences at King’s College London, said keeping the body alive for longer is pointless unless we can learn to tackle neurodegeneration and work out how to regenerate brain cells. “It is likely there is a biological clock which sets human life around 120 and we are programmed not to live longer than that. Read more here >>>

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