Inspiring one-armed golf prodigy is now hitting Little League home runs like a boss

Golf fans should be familiar with the name of the kid who has developed the reputation of a prodigy despite being born without part of his right arm. Morrissey hit a ceremonial tee shot at a PGA Tour event when he was five and he's impressed superstars from Bryson DeChambeau to Tiger Woods. He also nearly made a hole-in-one at Pinehurst's par 3 course this past summer. RELATED: Junior golfer with Down Syndrome steals the show at a PGA Tour event Morrissey recently wrote to a fan on Twitter, “Thank you so much but my parents never told me I am disabled. That’s the key. I didn’t realize I was labeled that until I heard it somewhere else and then I was still certain they were not talking about me. I am unLIMBited.” Read more here >>>

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