Is travel insurance worth it?

BREAKING: Singer R. Kelly taken into custody after hearing over unpaid child support You’re online and ready to buy an airline ticket, but before you can checkout, the airline’s website pushes you to spend a little more to buy travel insurance to protect against delays and cancellation fees. The hard sell includes phrases such as “highly recommended,” or “protect your trip.” In fact, with some airlines, you cannot complete the transaction without buying or declining the insurance offer. Expect a similar pitch to purchase insurance from booking websites such as Orbitz or Expedia. With Orbitz the “no” button reads: “I understand by declining this coverage that I may be responsible for cancellation fees and delay expenses either personally or through alternate cover.” Choose no and you’ll be reminded that “Your flight is not protected. Over $43.5 million worth of trips were cancelled in 2017 without insurance,” along with the opportunity to “reconsider” to avoid change fees and “protect your trip.” Spending a little more to buy this “peace of mind” may seem like the sensible thing to do, but a recent analysis by concludes that these policies “are (often incredibly) bad buys” for most travelers. “It’s bizarre. Read more here >>>

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