Keto in a pill? Jim Mellon debuts anti-aging joint venture with the Buck dedicated to inducing ketosis

Jim Mel­lon’s crew at Ju­ve­nes­cence has found its lat­est ven­ture idea in a pop­u­lar diet mak­ing its rounds in biotech cir­cles. Once again team­ing up with the Buck In­sti­tute for Re­search on Aging, Ju­ve­nes­cence has launched BHB Ther­a­peu­tics to ex­plore pre­ven­ta­tive med­i­cines that have po­ten­tial to pro­tect against age-re­lated dis­ease by in­duc­ing a state of ke­to­sis, where the body burns fat in­stead of carbs, spurring the pro­duc­tion of anti-in­flam­ma­tory ke­tone bod­ies. In par­tic­u­lar, the biotech startup will focus on the ke­tone body beta-hy­drox­y­bu­tyrate, or — you guessed it — BHB. Eric Verdin, the Buck pres­i­dent and CEO whose re­search in­spired an­other Ju­ve­nes­cence spin­out, has dis­cov­ered that BHB helps the body re­spond to stress. A ke­to­genic diet — which has been her­alded for its ef­fects in weight loss, hunger sup­pres­sion as well as con­cen­tra­tion — and the con­se­quent longterm ex­po­sure to ke­tone bod­ies can also ex­tend healthy lifes­pan in model sys­tems, Verdin and col­lab­o­ra­tor John New­man found. The duo has gen­er­ated “hard sci­en­tific data” in mice that show ke­to­sis can be car­dio-pro­tec­tive, CEO Greg Bai­ley told End­points News. Read more here >>>

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