Key Nutrients in Mediterranean Diet Linked to Healthy Brain Aging

A new study examined 32 nutrients found in the Mediterranean diet that earlier research has associated with better brain function in the elderly. It found higher levels of several key nutrients were linked to increased brain connectivity and cognitive performance. “The basic question we were asking was whether diet and nutrition are associated with healthy brain aging,” Aron Barbey, University of Illinois psychology professor in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, said. See more: Olive Oil Health News Researchers evaluated 116 healthy seniors between the ages of 65 and 75, using some of the most accurate methods of assessing nutrient intake and brain function. Instead of relying on food-intake questionnaires, which could have inaccuracies due to the imperfect recall of participants, they measured nutrient biomarkers in the blood. In addition to cognitive tests, they employed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to ascertain the efficiency of brain network performance. Read more here >>>

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