Leukemia Prematurely Ages Bone Marrow Cells – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Scientists from the University of East Anglia (UEA) say that leukemia promotes premature aging in healthy bone marrow cells. Their study (“Acute myeloid leukemia induces pro-tumoral p16INK4a driven senescence in the bone marrow microenvironment”), published in Blood, shows that healthy bone marrow cells were prematurely aged by cancer cells around them. It is well known that aging promotes cancer development. But this is the first time that the reverse has been shown to be true. The aged bone marrow cells accelerated the growth and development of the leukemia, creating a vicious cycle that fuels the disease. The study identified the mechanism by which this process of premature aging occurs in the bone marrow of leukemia patients and highlights the potential impact this could have on future treatments. Read more here >>>

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