Marny Cringle’s brush with death has inspired her to write a book and tackle the motivational speaking circuit

Marny Cringle

POSITIVE: Marny Cringle of East Maitland has defied the odds and wants to share her thoughts on life through her book and becoming a public speaker. Marny Cringle’s life support was turned off after she sustained horrific injuries from being dragged under a train in the London underground in 1996. She lived, had a leg amputated and then developed the killer brain infection meningitis. Again, she lived but was told she would never work, never drive and be limited in what she could in life. None of this was an option. Marny, 49, is harnessing her emotions and the anguish of the past 22 years, to write a book she hopes will inspire people and become a platform for entering the motivational speaking circuit. Read more here >>>

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