Med-School Student Opens Hospital in Kenya to Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Kids

While volunteering in Kenya at the age of 20, Amy Hehre’s heart broke as she witnessed firsthand how orphans and vulnerable children struggled to survive in crowded institutions. That’s when she found her life’s true calling: she dreamed of building a hospital to care for these children. Six years later, her dream turned into reality as she and her husband, Rob, founded the non-profit OVI Children’s Hospital. Writing for Love What Matters, Amy Hehre, who graduated from the University of Kentucky’s Physician Assistant Studies Program, recounted a typical working day at OVI Children’s Hospital, which relies entirely on donations to provide free life-saving treatment and medical care to the orphans and vulnerable children of Sub-Saharan Africa. Every day at her 11,000-square-foot medical facility in Suna, Migori, Kenya, Amy is faced with the trauma of witnessing the suffering of her little patients who battle malnourishment, malaria, traumatic injury, cancer, and AIDS. “While this life is my absolute dream and passion, I will be the first to tell you it is not easy,” Amy wrote. One particular morning, Amy was experiencing extreme tiredness after caring for Winnie—a 6-year-old cancer patient who was undergoing her final round of chemotherapy. Read more here >>>

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