Meet the mutts whose owners are crossbreed crazy


Sarah Rainey

Sadie Nicholas for the Daily Mail They're cute, cuddly and have adorable names. No wonder TV presenter Ant McPartlin has adopted two Maltipoos — a cross between a Maltese terrier and a miniature poodle. Milo and Bumble cost Ant, 43, a reported £1,000 each. Thanks to a growing celebrity fanbase and breeders experimenting with ever-crazier combinations, poodle crossbreeds are eight times more prevalent today than a decade ago — with ‘poos' and ‘doodles' everywhere. TV presenter Ant McPartlin spotted with his two new Maltipoo puppies Bumble and Milo To date, there are around 30 poodle crossbreeds in the UK.  The most popular is the labradoodle, first bred in the late Eighties from a Labrador retriever and a poodle, followed by the cockapoo (a Cocker Spaniel-poodle mix). Maltipoos, Yorkipoos (Yorkshire terrier-poodle), schnoodles (schnauzer-poodle) and pomapoos (Pomeranian-poodle) became popular in the early 2000s and recently there's been a boom in cavapoos (Cavalier King Charles spaniel-poodle) and bassetoodles (a basset hound-poodle). Read more here >>>

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