Men In Iceland Live Longer Than Women

The 2019 Eurostat report puts Iceland well above the European Union average for healthy life expectancy, while also bucking a global trend in terms of life expectancy between men and women. According the data, in Iceland, men live longer healthy lives than women—in contrast to the global trend where the opposite is the case. An average number of healthy years in the European Union is 64.2 for women and 63.5 years for men. The European Union country with the highest number of healthy people is Sweden, with 73.3 years for women and 73 years for men. The number of healthy years in Iceland is estimated to be 71.5 years for men and 66.2 years for women. The report focused on the quality of life spent in a healthy state, rather than the quantity of life, as measured by life expectancy. Read more here >>>

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