Millennials Are Going on the Same Vacations Because They’re Too Tired to Research

If you’re like other travelers out there, your trip planning extends far beyond blocking off your vacation days and searching for a flight. You have to also spend some quality time thinking long and hard about what you really want out of your vacation. Once you’ve figured out all of that, you can move on to the task of narrowing down the places you’d like to go based on your time and budget. And if all that research sounds exhausting, you’re not alone. Specifically for Millennial travelers, researching for a vacation is particularly overwhelming, according to a study by, TravelPulse reportedthis link opens in a new tab. Millennial travelers reportedly experience a “net lag” or “scroll fatigue,” which is a sort of malaise, boredom, or disinterest that comes with endlessly scrolling and researching for their vacations, according to TravelPulse. Read more here >>>

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