Money & Me: ‘I left the UK to retire in the UAE in 2006’

Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 24 January 2019 Former British lawyer John Felton reveals how he juggles his budget and his plans to apply for the UAE's five-year retiree visa Former UK lawyer John Felton worked in conveyancing, general litigation, childcare and criminal law before retiring to Dubai with his wife Heinke, 73, a former teacher and examiner, in December 2006. Mr Felton, 78, parent to two adult sons, later took inspiration from bedtime stories invented for his three grandchildren in Arabian Ranches to author an illustrated kids book series based around a fish called Henry. The retiree now lives in Dubai Marina. A I was born near Birmingham. For the first six years my father was away in the Second World War and I didn’t see him much. He was an electrician who became an estate agent. Read more here >>>

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