Musicians Bring Healing to LA’s Homeless

(Editor’s Note: This story was previously published by PBS NewsHour.) Vijay Gupta is a Juilliard-trained violinist and MacArthur Genius Award winner who’s been using music as a way to connect with L.A.’s homeless and incarcerated and promote healing. A movement that began with one Skid Row occupant has now evolved into a group of 80 musicians who perform in shelters, jails and treatment facilities. In the accompanying video, Jeffrey Brown talks to Gupta about abuse, dysfunction and how art became his “lifeline.” Thirty-one-year-old violinist Vijay Gupta rehearsing on stage at Walt Disney Concert Hall as a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, world-class orchestra, top-level musician. But, not far away, Gupta also makes a life as a musician here, an area that many in his usual audience rarely if ever see, Skid Row, a downtown neighborhood home to thousands of the homeless, the battered, the struggling, living in shelters or on the streets, often ignored, even forgotten. Gupta grew up in New York state, the child of Indian immigrants. Pushed almost to a breaking point, he complied. Read more here >>>

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