NASA Says These Houseplants Will Purify Air in Your House

Houseplants can bring much-needed life to any room, and more and more milennials are choosing houseplants over pets and children. The millennial houseplant obsession is real and based in large part by the fact that many of us are doomed to be renters in urban environments, so our exposure to nature has to be brought indoors. But whether you live in the suburbs, the country, or the city, a previously drab and uninspired space can immediately be spruced up by the addition of an interesting houseplant. But houseplants aren’t just for decor—they can have health benefits too. Science says the addition of home greenery can reduce stress and anxiety, humidify a dry apartment, aid in depression, and according to NASA, houseplants can naturally purify your air. Poorly-ventilated apartments can be full of stagnant air and pollution which can lead to what NASA and the EPA refer to as sick building syndrome. Read more here >>>

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