No one could explain why this college student saw the price of his life-saving diabetes medication jump 150%, and it reveals a key problem with the US healthcare system

The year started out simply enough. In January 2018, Carole Andrew ordered a refill of the prescription insulin Novolog for her son Andrew B., a 22-year-old college student who has Type 1 diabetes. They got five boxes of Novolog, enough for 90 days. She paid $114.95, and her health insurer paid another $268.23, according to pharmacy receipts reviewed by Business Insider. (We're omitting Andrew B.'s last name, which is different from his mother's, at her request. She doesn't want employers to discriminate against him when he tries to find a job because they're worried about covering his healthcare costs.) In June, Carole was asked to pay $191.60 for the same refill for her son's insulin, almost $77 more than at the beginning of April. Read more here >>>

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