Puppy scam: victims on both sides of the door

Posted Feb 28 2019 03:39PM EST Video Posted Mar 04 2019 10:31PM EST Updated Mar 04 2019 10:34PM EST ATLANTA (FOX 5 Atlanta) – Scams always have a clear goal: tell a lie that's clever enough to trick someone out of their money. Less than a year after he and his girlfriend bought their home, a stream of excited people began showing up on their porch with the same expectation: to take home a purebred puppy they thought they had bought online. This is the Facebook account that victims told APD tricked them into thinking they needed to come to Atlanta to collect their purebred puppy. It was left to the homeowner to deliver the truth: they'd been taken. “I wish I could warn them to do something ahead of time,” he told me as long as we agreed not to use his name. “But I don't even know when they're coming.” Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of fox5atlanta.com


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