Should Americans move abroad for health care?

It may not be the main reason people move abroad, but reduced medical expenses are a big reason expats from the U.S. are rising in number Health care outside the U.S. that’s both good and cheap is a foreign notion to many Americans. But Kathleen Peddicord, who runs Live and Invest Overseas, a site for people curious about living abroad, says she just paid US$20 for treatment after a motorbike accident in Panama. That’s just one example cited in a recent NerdWallet column by Liz Weston. Emergency dental surgery that might cost $10,000 or more in the U.S. was $4,500 in Paris. In many countries, medications that would require a prescription in the States are available directly from licensed pharmacies at low prices, thanks to government subsidies or regulation. “The health care in a lot of places around the world is very good, as good as in the United States,” says Peddicord, who currently divides her time between Paris and Panama. Read more here >>>

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