Simple Mistake in the Kitchen Turns into Sweet Success for a Homeless Veteran

A simple mistake in the kitchen has uplifted the life of a caring veteran like yeast does for bread. It had been a little over three decades since Stefan DeArno had been to his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina—but in 2017, his parents’ declining health compelled him to move back to the city. At 56, the US Coast Guard vet didn’t have money for an apartment, and his parents lived in a tiny house, so he agreed to move into a homeless shelter. Luckily, a veteran social worker managed to arrange a spot for him at One80 Place, a unique shelter that offers job training programs to its residents. RELATED: Good Samaritans Pay for Hotel Rooms to House 70 Homeless People During Polar Vortex During his stay at the shelter, DeArno enrolled in their culinary training program. He had always loved to cook, and had spent many childhood days watching his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Read more here >>>

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