Steve Casimiro on 30+ Years of Making Adventure Stories

By 2016, there wasn’t too much Steve Casimiro hadn’t done in his nearly 30-year career in adventure media: Since 1987, he’d been a writer, photographer, and gear reviewer, worked as a magazine editor at Powder and National Geographic Adventure, and in 2009 created Adventure Journal, an online magazine that put voice and perspective first. But Steve hadn’t tried out the “publisher” job title yet, so in spring 2016, he and his wife, Joni, launched Adventure Journal quarterly, a bookshelf-worthy printed publication including the works of luminaries like Craig Childs, Terry Tempest Williams, Chris Burkard, Peter Heller, Forest Woodward, Krista Langlois, Robert Macfarlane, Sarah Gilman, Ami Vitale, David Roberts, and others. Steve and Joni are currently working on Issue 12 of the quarterly, as well as keeping the online side of Adventure Journal running. Here’s something you wouldn’t know from Steve’s resume: he is largely responsible for the success of I had been writing weekly blog posts on Semi-Rad for only a few months in early 2011, sort of throwing shit at the wall and seeing what stuck, when Steve reached out and asked if I would like to write for Adventure Journal. I of course said yes. Read more here >>>

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