Story of Medal of Honor recipient Rodney Davis has much to teach America about race

Updated 3 hours 59 minutes ago It’s been more than 50 years since Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Rodney M. Davis of the Marine Corps joined the eternal pantheon of great American heroes, but his is a riveting story that our nation could really use hearing right now. But it’s unlikely that many people outside his family and friends are aware that Davis is among the few African-Americans to have ever been so honored, or how his inspirational life and death continue to echo even today. As we celebrate Black History Month, it’s important that we always remember men like Davis and others who did so much for America, but often in anonymity. A native of Macon, Davis died on Sept. 6, 1967, after lunging atop an enemy grenade to save the lives of five fellow Marines during one of the nastiest firefights of the Vietnam War. Read more here >>>

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