Super Bowl commercials 2019: Stella Artois, Olay, and others rely on nostalgia and memes

Though the various brands that shell out millions of dollars for Super Bowl advertisements are not actively in cahoots, the big-budget end products typically circle around a theme, or at least a common mode of approaching the Big Game. This year, many brands are relying on nostalgia; in order to be understood at all, you need working knowledge of some old pop culture object. If you get the joke, you feel good, you buy stuff. This theme is also a reboot. Adweek noticed the same predilection for nostalgia in last year’s slate of Super Bowl ads, which included Cindy Crawford rebooting her Pepsi ad from 1992 and Steven Tyler using a Kia as a time machine back to the 1970s. But there’s a new twist in 2019: The nostalgia for something old is being combined with super-new pop culture objects. Read more here >>>

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