‘Super commuters,’ remote workers make more money, study says

MyNorthwest Maybe donning a cape on your way into work will make you feel better about being a super commuter, but chances are you’d rather just grab another cup of coffee and work from your couch. A new study from Apartment List suggests more of us are super commuting (suffering through a 90-plus minute commute), working from home, or doing a combination of both. The study also shows these people “make significantly more money than their peers.” No word on when you’d have time to enjoy that cash. Scroll down to continue reading The number of super commuters in the greater Seattle area has increased 115 percent since 2005, according to the study. That number equates to about 3.4 percent of Seattle’s workforce. The number of lucky people who get to sit in their PJs all day has increased by 89 percent since 2005. Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of kiro7.com


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