Tempted to renovate your home? TV’s Kunle Barker shares 4 top tips for getting started

The Renovate Don’t Relocate regular imparts some insider wisdom for tackling a big project. By Luke Rix-Standing. With house prices constantly rising, home renovation is an increasingly common option for those seeking a significant change, without the immense expense or hassle of moving. Of course, a big project like renovating can add serious value to your property too, or simply provide the extra space or refresh you’ve been dreaming of. Step forward Kunle Barker, presenter of ITV’s Love Your Home And  Garden’ with Alan Titchmarsh, expert on Renovate Don’t Relocate with Sarah Beeny, and host of Grand Designs Live with Kevin McCloud. Renovations are a big task – but Barker has handled a fair few, all under the rigorous glare of TV cameras. Read more here >>>

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