The 14 most common work-from-home jobs in America, and how much money you can make doing them

More than 4 million Americans worked from home for at least half of the workweek last year, according to the most recent data, and that number is only going up. To meet the growing demand, companies are offering remote jobs in a growing number of fields, from tech to finance and even medicine. Careers site FlexJobs recently took a look at the most common remote jobs in America, and there are some surprising entrants on the list. We arranged the jobs by average annual pay, according to data from PayScale — one of the remote jobs makes just under $90,000 a year. Check out the 14 most common remote jobs in the country, and how much you can make doing them. What they do: Remote tutors teach students of all ages using phone, email, and video chat. Read more here >>>

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