The 7 Best Money Podcasts and Blogs

Save More Cash and Build Wealth Faster With These Tips from Money Experts Saving more: The phrase consistently ranks in the top 10 New Year’s resolutions, its Google searches have stayed relatively constant over the past five years and it’s even the subject of at least one rap song. In 2018, about 20 percent of Americans weren’t saving any money. And in 2017, about four in 10 couldn’t cover the cost of a $400 emergency out of pocket. The good news: We’ve got seven personal finance bloggers to help you make it happen, whether your goal is retiring early or paying off debt. “This is not your father’s boring money show,” promises Andrew Fiebert, cohost with Matt Giovanisci of Listen Money Matters, a podcast and blog. Fiebert, a self-proclaimed money nerd, and Giovanisci, a small business owner, crack open a couple of cold beers, then get straight to distilling actionable money tips—including how to budget, how to talk money with a significant other, and how to reduce your debt in 10 days. Read more here >>>

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